Our Fleet

Ship build to the most
demanding standards - our own

As an industry seaborne transportation of energy is still evolving. With a long track record of managed renewal, we at Eletson are attuned to new challenges.

In fact, we welcome them. Our fleet of medium and long range double-hulled product tankers is one of the world's largest. Our vessels are all designed and built to the highest specifications, based on years of accumulated experience.

Whether Handymax, Panamax or Aframax size, our tankers are designed to be safe, efficient and reliable. Unlike larger tankers, they can navigate through restricted waters, bringing cargoes closer to their ultimate destination. In growing our fleet we have applied the ’sister ship’ principle; this uniformity helps us maintain the highest levels of efficiency and safety throughout a ship’s service life. Our latest building programme sees the addition of new, top of the range product tankers keeping our fleet young.

In 2006, we strategically diversified our operations through an expansion into the LPG sector, a niche shipping sector with attractive fundamentals and high barriers to entry, given the requirements for longterm relationships with industrial and petrochemical customers and the more complex technical operations. Today Eletson owns and operates one of the world's largest fleet of medium and long range product tankers. The fleet presently consists of 25 double hull tankers with a combined capacity of 1,934,940 dwt.

A newbuilding program for two Aframax Grude Oil Tankers with Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co is to be completed in 2018. In addition, Eletson Gas owns and operates 15 LPG/NH3/LEG carriers with a combined capacity of 305,940 cbm.

The Eletson family comprises qualified seafarers
and a skillful shore-based team. We work together
to ensure that our ships sail efficiently and safely to their destinations.