Our Vision

All on board a journey with a common goal

For the past five decades, Eletson has built an enviable reputation as a leader in the transportation of oil products and most recently in gas cargoes.

Success in our industry does not come by chance. Rather, it has been the outcome of hard work in professionally meeting our clients needs and a firm commitment to quality. This has been Eletsons approach ever since we started in 1966 and it has been vital in gaining the respect of the international market.

Today, our commitment to operating according to the industry’s highest standards is stronger than ever. We only employ highly qualified people and we invest in their professional development on a continuous basis. We are a world leader in international seaborne transportation specializing in the transport of refined petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and, ammonia (NH3), and liquefied ethylene gas (LEG).

From our offices in Piraeus, London and Stamford, Connecticut, we charter our versatile, high-quality and modern fleet of 32 vessels to customers, inclunding major international oil, LPG, LEG  and ammonia companies and traders.


After many years of environmental sensitivity,
we continue to evaluate and implement even stricter policies.

Each of these steps is integral to our vision: to be recognized as the best in class oil products and gas cargoes marine transportation shipping company worldwide.

In October 2013, pursuant to our expansion strategy, we entered into a joint venture with affiliates of the Blackstone Group to pursue targeted acquisitions in the LPG sector.

Through the subsidiary, Eletson Gas, we own and operate 6 LPG and 5 LEG carriers. In addition, Eletson Gas has announced a newbuilding program comprising of 12,000 cbm LPG/NH3/LEG vessels with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. Ltd. Of Ulsan.

All four vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2018. Upon delivery of these newbuildings vessels, we expect that we will be the world‘s second largest LPG/LEG transportation company by capacity.

Our vision is clear to be recognized
as the best in class oil products and gas cargoes
marine transportation shipping company worldwide