Philosophy & Values

Safety is the compass that always sets our course

Eletson is well-established in the marine transportation market thanks to certain underlying principles. Nourishing a culture of excellence and attention to detail, our belief in people and teamwork, our strong focus on our customers’ requirements, together with our commitment to ethical standards, are our core values that have contributed to our success and have given us the energy to move forward.

Safety is the bottom line and the end result to which all our principles converge. We are dedicated to work with all our know-how and experience for the safety of our people, our environment and the cargoes entrusted to us. The importance of safety, as well as our other goals, has required us to build a technologically advanced fleet, manned by a team of highly qualified people. It has led to the introduction of systems and processes which help us monitor, assess and improve our services.

It necessitates extensive training and continuous re-training of our seagoing and shore-side personnel, so that we can be the best we can be.

In our view, our greatest achievement is completing the voyage on time, injury-free and without a drop of oil spilled.
Time after time.

Our values are not just words.
They have helped us navigate all challenges
and will guide us in the future