Our Mission

Navigating towards a worthwhile destination

Our job is to transport oil products and gas cargoes at sea. We appreciate that the transportation of energy keeps the world moving and yet in our view it’s more than that. Our work contributes to global and local economic development, fuelling growth and stability. If we can accomplish it in an environmentally sound manner this contributes to safety and sustainability.

Through committing ourselves to the highest quality and ethical standards, we have established a company culture that our people are likely to uphold outside the workplace, too.

Eletson is in business to add value to its customers, employees, shareholders, and the community as a whole, positively affecting growth and prosperity. This wider mission is what truly inspires us and gives us the energy to move forward. Our journey so far has been one of steady advancement in a consistent direction and we never forget its purpose.


In providing high quality, environmentally safe and energy efficient marine transport,
we add value to our customers, employees, shareholders and the community as a whole