Human Capital


Our people are key to propelling our vision forward

Our company has long recognized the importance of state of-the-art technology. But we believe that our people actually make the difference and we take care to employ only the very best.

Continuous investment in cadet programmes ensures that people joining the Eletson team have received extensive training from the very start. Constant evaluation and encouragement along the way help them to further hone their talents and skills, increasing their motivation to deliver world-class performance. Our seafarers benefit from a variety of professional development programmes, including pre embarkation and onboard training, computer-based training, and further education provided ashore by industry recognized institutions.

The company’s human face is not limited to appearances, or even to the internal Eletson family. Externally, a policy of corporate social responsibility leads to specific projects benefiting our neighborhood and the wider environment in which we all live.

Starting modestly, we have resolved to further develop Eletson’s wider social contribution in years to come.

The Eletson family comprises
qualified seafarers and a skillful shore-based team.
We work together to ensure that our ships sail efficiently
and safely to their destinations.